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The Best Most Relevant Impact 

I credit my experience to a deep interest in what makes people tick and how to influence them accordingly. The learning I want to share and keep building is how build sustainable capability in the ability to create the best most relevant impact in any given situation.  

22 years in business innovation, 15 in training and 8 years as a coach. I've worked with founders and start ups and big grands like Coca Cola, Nike, and Sony Music. All have one fundamental thing in common, they're all run by human beings. 

I've had a duel career. I’ve been involved in comedy for 15 years running my own stand up and sketch comedy night for 7 years and writing and performing for the BBC for 6 years.

The combination of these two disciplines has given me a wealth of knowledge when it comes to managing myself to influence others.

With great power comes great responsibility so this knowledge is channelled into helping individuals and teams grow their self-awareness through emotional intelligence making their goals and ambitions manifest with acceleration.

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